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Titaley et al_APJCN 2015 Vol. 24 (1)_Factors associated with not using antenatal iron, folic acid supplements in Indonesia-min

Titaley et al_SEAJPH 2014 Vol. 3 (2)_Challenges to the IMCI implementation-min

CR et al_JKR 2014 Vol. 5 (2)_Persepsi Ibu Hamil dan Nifas tentang Anemia dan Konsumsi Tablet Tambah Darah Selama Kehamilan

Manuputty et al_AJER 2015 Vol. 3 (6)_Correlation between Medical Students National Admission Test Score, Preclinical and Clinical Year Mean Cumulative GPA and UKDI Score

Pagaya et al_IJCMAS 2015 Vol. 4 (6)_Detection of flaA Virulence Genes Campylobacter jejuni, Isolated from HumanFaeces and Groundwater Using PCR Method

Kaihena et al_AJMR 2015 Vol.3_The Effect of the Petroleum Ether Extracts from Mangosteen Pericarp on Interferon-gammaand-Interleukin-12 Activities

Que et al_IJSTR 2015_Vol. 4_The Role Of Protective HSP70 and Proinflammatory HSP60 toward the functional status of Acute Thrombotic Ischemic Stroke

Huningkor et al_AJMSM 2015 Vol. 3_The Role of Mollucas Traditional Food on the Improvement of Risk Factors of Coronary Heart Disease

Nindatu et al_RJPBCS 2015_6(2)_Effects of Morachalcon a Compound Isolated from Artocarpus champeden Spreng Stembark on the Morphology of the Malaria Parasites

Manuputty et al_AJER 2016 Vol. 4_Factors Associated with UKDI Score amongst Medical Student in Indonesia

Praptaningsih et al_JEGH 2016_6_Healthcare seeking behaviors for acute respiratory illness in two communities of Java, Indonesia, a cross sectional survey

Krentel et al_PLOS NTD 2016_Improving Coverage and Compliance in MDA for Elimination of LF in two Endgame Districts in Indonesia Using Micronarrative Surveys

Nindatu et al_RJPBCS 2016 7(2)_Potential of Lamun (Enhalus acoroides) Seeds from West Seram Coastal Area as Natural Antioxidant

KS et al_FFHD 2016 6(4)_Polyphenol Compounds of Mahkota Dewa (Phaleria macrocarpa [Scheff.] Boerl) Up-regulated Caspase 3 and Apoptosis Index in Balb-c Strain Mice

Taihuttu et al_J Med Sci 2016 Vol. 48_Prefrontal cortex cell proliferation of adult rats after chronic stress treated with ethanolic extract of Centella asiatica (L) Urban